Hi, I'm Omri Lavi đź‘‹

A Fullstack Engineer with a passion for Frontend and UX. I enjoy creating tools that enable faster development process

Understanding TypeScript’s skipLibCheck Once and For All

August 25, 2021
Read about the behavior and usages of the skipLibCheck option, and understand when to use it.

Developing Self Compassion: An Answer to the Constant Burnout

July 16, 2021
Are you generally stressed about your value as a developer? Feeling like you’re just not enough? This post is for you.

Better Error Messages in TypeScript 4.2 - Smarter Type Alias Preservation

February 28, 2021
Smarter Type Alias Preservation makes TypeScript “remember” which union-types are being used while displaying the error messages.

Git Metric - Solving the Pain of Measuring a Project Migration

February 14, 2021
With Git Metric you can quickly analyze git repository’s history within minutes.

Writing Your First Custom Stylelint Rule

September 18, 2020
Quickly create and integrate your own stylelint rules, to keep a higher level of code quality while respecting your project's requirements.

3 Considerations for Your Next Utility Function Refactor — Static vs Dependency Injected

November 27, 2019
Choosing between static and a dependency injected utility function

My Top 9 Hand-picked Talks from CSSConfBP and JSConfBP ’19 (+ Some Bonuses!)

November 26, 2019
9 favorite talks from the 2019 CSSConf & JSConf

Link Previews — More than Meets the Eye

September 9, 2019
Ever wondered how this preview is generated?

Cleaner TypeScript With the Non-Null Assertion Operator

August 25, 2019
Reduce your cognitive load and make your code less verbose

7 Things You Should Know Before Starting with Side Projects

February 24, 2019
Lately I discontinued my work on a side project I’ve started 18 months ago. Doesn’t sound like a big success story, right? I thought so…

Fixing Overly Aggressive Optimization with Terser

January 8, 2019
A story of solving a mysterious “Syntax Error”, that appeared in our production Webpack build with no apparent reason.

Microfrontends with iFrames

December 7, 2018
Over the last couple of years we, at Innovid, have engaged with reusing some of our apps and embedding them in other apps. Join us as we explore the options we've examined and challenges encountered.